About me


My name is José Tapadas Alves, I'm a recovering Electrotechnical Engineer, and after a few time working with networks I've somehow morphed into a software developer, basically pursuing my childhood passion for computers and programming.

I have a daughter called Madalena 💛 and, besides her, I do love nature, life and music. I am an avid reader, play classical guitar and have a secret crush for learning languages. I have a passion for learning and a drive to always understand the inward functioning of things.

current work

At the moment I am working at UBS in Zürich as a senior UI developer. Mainly designing and developing tailored TypeScript (ReactJS based) applications for the multiple digital banking contexts.

Have been as well mentoring as a Praxisausbilder for apprentices joining UBS providing training and guidance for young and aspirant developers.

Professionally for the past years I’ve been working mostly as a full stack developer, specifically with Ruby on Rails, Python and TypeScript.


I’ve graduated as a MSc. in Electrical and Computer Engineering (majoring in Telecommunication Systems with a minor in Computer Science) at Instituto Superior Técnico, in Lisbon.

My major studies focused mostly on signal processing and propagation.

Culminating with the study and analysis of the electromagnetic phenomena in media with negative permeability and permittivity and all the theoretical inferance on how media with such characteristcs lead to specific physical observations.

This has culminated with a publication named Metamaterials with Negative Permeability and Permittivity: Analysis and Applications

I natively speak Portuguese but fluently speak English and Spanish. I also have a spoken and reading understanding of German (intermediate, A2 level) and Hebrew (advanced intermediate, B2 level).

past work

october 2014 - december 2017: Runtime Revolution

My main role at Runtime Revolution was to design and develop custom tailored applications, mostly using Ruby on Rails and ReactJS.

I heavily worked as the interface with customers since day one, gathering specs, planning and developing those applications. My team leader role also required of me building, managing and working with small to medium teams of developers.

I was also part of the staffing team working on the recruiting, technical education and integration of junior developers.

The main development stack was ReactJS, TypeScript, Ruby on Rails, Python, React Native and AngularJS.

Most services were hosted both at Heroku and AWS. For the whole configuration management I've used Chef in our biggest projects.

Some of the projects I’ve developed may be showcased at:

september 2012 - october 2014: Schibsted Media Group

Worked as a full stack developer on a custom C templating engine, a C transaction server, specific custom Apache modules and PostgreSQL stored procedures.

Participated on the creation of a custom RoR RESTful API wrapped around the legacy C transaction server with specific (non-ActiveRecod) models (subclassed from SuperModel for querying and serialisation) to enable bulk insertion of ads by partners. Developed full integration tests using RSpec and Capybara-Poltergeist + PhantomJS stack on the whole E2E platform.

I’ve also developed the second version of the CustoJusto’s Android app as well as a generic caching library for the Android app that was then integrated on multiple Schibsted Android applications.

january 2011 - september 2012: Ericsson

Worked as an integration engineer of OSS/BSS middleware solutions and costumer adaptations. The role was to basically design and develop software solutions (mostly in Java EE) to enable proprietary network nodes and systems integration. Namely services involving:

  • Charging System
  • IP Multimedia Subsystem [IMS],
  • Mediation and Multi Activation [EMA], Multi Mediation [MM], Tibco

Worked mostly into integrating as well services within the mobile core network of clients.